BLC Leadership Development Seminars

JoAnn Bouda, M.M.

Certified Coach
Licensed Seminar Leader

Academy for Coaching Excellence
Sacramento, CA

BLC Corporate Coaching provides Interactive Beneficial Training dedicated to your Leadership success. Benefit from our success principles, distilled from over 20 years of work with highly successful people.

Our philosophy:

Our coaching philosophy is based on training with experts in the coaching field. It is based on key concepts of adult development and human systems theories, which lead to deep and lasting change. Our goals include assisting the individual or group to move forward in their entire life, not just achieving one or more immediate goals

Purpose of our programs:

To help build essential coaching and leadership skills. Our seminars guarantee to provide your leadership with tools that they can immediately apply to their work environment. Our programs provide breakthroughs in your leadership’s fundamental abilities to shift their focus away from self-limiting, fear-based perceptions, to useful conclusions and thought patterns that empower them to be:

  • Self-generating and involved in new processes and decisions
  • More efficient and productive
  • Less stressed
  • Team oriented

These programs are for:

  • Company Leaders
  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Management Teams

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