BLC Corporate Coaching
and Your Corporate Meetings

Keynotes, Coaches and Seminar Teams Available for your Corporate Meetings.

Whether you are:

  • building your teams,
  • dealing with extensive and complex change,
  • desire to build a ‘coaching culture’,
  • desire to contribute to a fulfilling work culture
  • desire to provide tools to attract and retain new professionals

BLC Corporate Coaching can provide you with the Seminars and or Coaching that can support you in providing for your most valued goals.

Our Seminars are geared toward participants who have any level of coaching experience. The information provided is stimulating and relevant. The structured experiences help build essential skills. The result is a seminar that is guaranteed to leave your participants with tools they can immediately apply to their work environment and their lives.

To ensure participants continue to add depth to the application of new skills, the Academy for Coaching Excellence offers the opportunity for leadership to attend the Academy’s flagship coaching course, Mastering Life’s Energies. These courses are taught in different regions of the country, or can be provided in your own corporation with the appropriate number of participants.

When you are looking to realize quantifiable results from the training you provide to your management and staff, look to BLC Corporate Coaching to provide it.

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