Example Seminar Topics

Titles of Seminars for Corporations and Businesses:

  • Leadership During Times of Complexity and Change - A Program for shifting the Paradigm of Leadership
  • From Inspiration To Outcome - Where do you find inspiration to keep your vision of personal and business success?
  • Communication & Teamwork During Times of Complexity and Change - Provides opportunities for breakthrough in employees'fundamental ability to shift their focus away from self limiting, fear-based perceptions, to useful conclusions and thought patterns that empower them.
  • Coaching Through Complexity and Change: A Program for Leaders - Provides a dramatic breakthrough in your fundamental capacity to develop others to be self generating, accountable and extraordinarily productive.
  • Stepping Up in a Down Market - How we can perform in a down market and maximize the power of "how we think" and work in complex times?
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence in Today's Culture - Maximizing your resources and forming effective teams for success.

Half-Day, Lunch & Learn, or 1-2 Hour Workshops:

  • Watering the Garden of Your Dreams - Deals with how to use the six energies to achieve your goals which are the Garden of your dreams.
  • Joy, A User's Guide - Learning to live with the intent of enjoying and being present to everything you experience.
  • Get the Monkey Off Your Back! - Learning to identify and deal with self-limiting talk, a major obstacle to moving forward.
  • "WORRY" is Over-Rated - Learning what worry and self-doubts do to mess up our great potential for really living and being the contribution we are here to be.
  • So, You Want To Be A Super Hero! - Learning about the 'hero' you are and how to show up in life more consistently as the person you truly are with your great potential.
  • Stop Driving Through Life in a FOG! - Discovering what is 'foggy' about your life and how to lift the fog and find more clarity and focus in your life.
  • The Game of Life, Rules for Productive Play - Compares life to a game and the rules of engagement. We discover the VALUE of obstacles in everyday living.
  • It's How You Play the Game - Bringing the concept of life as a game to our everyday living, finding a game worth playing and goals worth playing for. Everyone loves to spike the ball in the end-zone!

Talks, Workshops and Seminars for Health and Wellness

  • Weight, Walk and Walnuts: How can I be truly healthy? What really is exercise and what should I do? How should I eat during the Holidays and what should I do? Intake, Output and Thought are important steps in solving these dilemmas. Learn the acronym FITT, become a bottom feeder, seek fluffy floaters and find the right sized you. Remember a calorie is a calorie no matter where or when it is consumed. Learn where to put the blame and learn some rules for eating that are funny but helpful. Come ready to lose.
  • Put "Quality of Health" Into Your Life: Learn the secret of memory-making living. Avoid the stress you've experienced in the past. Get a head start on your special plans and learn how to focus your energy directly at what is important for you. By doing so, you will find real meaning and fulfillment in the events that you plan and attend, as well as your interactions with family, co-workers and friends at gatherings.
  • Journey with More Joy and Less Junk: Did you ever wonder why Zebras don't get ulcers and why we do? Do little hassles every day wear on you and cause fatigue, forgetfulness and just plain confusion. How can you be freer, fresher, happier and healthier? Is your weight going up and your waistline greater? Learn why and what to do and take home a Tune-Up Wheel for the Journey.
  • Wellness or Less, It's All Attitude, Dude!: What is attitude? How does it influence your healthy living? Why do we 'settle'for less? How important is attitude? How much do we have control over our attitude? Specific wellness tools will be provided that will improve your attitude toward healthy living!
  • Get the Monkey Off Your Back!: Do you sometimes just 'think'yourself right out of doing what you really need to do for your healthiest and best life? Everyone does, and this self-limiting talk can be one of our biggest obstacles to doing what we dream of doing with our life. You will learn how to recognize and deal with your self-limiting conversation in order to keep 'on track'with your personal and professional dreams.
  • Building Respect and Trust in Teams to Reduce Stress: Team success is key to the success of any business or community endeavor. How do you stay motivated in the face of obstacles? Where do you find inspiration to keep your vision alive? How do you maintain momentum and reduced stress once you begin moving toward the dreams and goals of the team? We know that success comes from working smart, instead of 'hard'. In order to work smart we need proven tools. In this presentation, members are invited to add some new tools by working with a coach with techniques and tools aimed specifically at success. This workshop will support you in reaching your personal goals and to keep on track, even when the going gets rough.

Other Available Presentations for Health and Wellness include:

  • Living in Balance
  • Health, Happiness and Hassles
  • Ten Things My Mother Told Me
  • Intake, Output and Thought
  • Common Sense Health Issues
  • Five Steps
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Living Healthy and Reducing Risk
  • Coaching + Support = Success
  • Get Motivated – Get Fit
  • Top 10 Wellness List
  • 11 Measures of Health
  • Anti-Aging Program
  • 12 Step Wellness Program

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