BLC Team-Building Seminars

Businesses and Organizations are changing in ways that place new demands on people.

Accelerated change in the workplace, demands for effectiveness, and the need for emotional intelligence in a communication – have given rise to the interest in creating what we call a 'coaching culture.' In this culture, employees learn how to identify self and team limiting thought patterns that impede productivity and wellbeing.

In a coaching culture there is focused attention on what is proactive and optimistic. It operates on two self-evident premises.

  • First, people are most satisfied at work when they are learning and developing themselves and their skills.
  • Second, people develop these skills most easily when they are in empowering relationships with others who are also learning and adopting the same skills.

Custom-designed for your corporation, our Seminars will provide the tools needed for your specific Team Building needs.

Overall, these programs will help your leadership to:

  1. develop a mindset and use new skills that ensure time and energy are spent on productive activities and proactive conversations.
  2. embody leadership principles that are empowering and energizing.
  3. increase natural resiliency in times of complexity and change
  4. enhance effective teamwork.

Desired Time-frames for Team-Building Seminars are flexible, depending on your desired outcomes.

Normally 4 hr – 6 hr Seminars are the most effective. If longer seminars or additional coaches are required, we have resources to provide any length of time for any number of teams or employees. As licensed Seminar Leaders for the Academy for Coaching Excellence, we have seasoned coaches and seminar leaders ready to meet your most desired outcomes.

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